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More than 80 fitness clubs in Brussels... How is it possible to choose a good one?! On this website you'll all the fitness clubs listed in Brussels. We can classify the fitness clubs in 2 categories: fitness chains and independant gyms (fitness clubs).
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 Here is a map of the gyms listed in Brussels. YELLOW markers represent "standardized clubs ", that is to say, the clubs belonging to a chain of clubs typically extended at national level (eg Healthcity, Basic Fit ...). BLUE color markers represent "independent gyms" located in Brussels.

Today, the vast majority of gyms in Brussels offer these services:
 Included in the subscription:
- Lessons;
- acces to a sport area (bodybuilding, gym);
- Relaxation (sauna, hammam and swimming pool sometimes);

 Extra paid services:
- Individual services (personalized coaching, body care,...);
- Sport Drinks / sport food. Generally, staff are qualified, trained or specialized in fitness.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of gyms?

About fitness chain

• Good price / quality ratio.
• Group lessons of high quality.
• Staff trained and professional.
• frequent discount(monthly, yearly).
• a first "discovery session".
• Equipment and facilities at the forefront of technology.
• Quality of space and architecture.
• Excellent organization.

• Contracts tend to become annual.
• All contract terms are not always clearly explained to customers.
• The system is standardized.
• Slight lack of conviviality.
• Registration fee and administrative costs can be high.

About independant gyms

• Good price / quality ratio.
• Conviviality
• Duration of subscriptions: from monthly to annual.
• Group classes of very good quality.
• Staff Qualified.
• Good organization.
• Bar with drinks and foods.

• Equipment and facilities generally a little less modern than "standardized clubs".
• Quality of spaces and more traditional architecture (which is not always a disadvantage).
• Sauna and shower rooms also more traditional.